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As a native Floridian, I think Florida is both the weirdest and greatest place, and I want to explore every inch of it. I'm laid back and love having fun. I have a 9 year old daughter and a wolf dog named Moose, and neither of them pickup their toys. I love hiking + camping, and feel most grounded when I am outdoors. I'm a little bit steady, and a little bit rolling stone. My favorite season is football season. I either run or practice yoga daily, but I also like naps and pizza. Stand-up comedy is my dream job. My love language is music, and I love driving in my Jeep with a great playlist. I love all kinds of travel, but my favorite is a last minute road trip. I'll never turn down Paris, but my bucket list destinations are Bolivia, Bali, and Iceland. My absolute favorite place in the world is either next to the Atlantic Ocean where I grew up or in my bed during a summer thunderstorm. 

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"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love"

If you've never seen me in action before, here are some behind the scenes shots of me working with clients at shoots and weddings. It's so important to me that I build a rapport with everyone leading up to a session or wedding, and then, by the time we are actually shooting, there is already a level of comfort and trust. It's just like we are old friends hanging out, and I get to capture the laughs and smiles shared in the process. After the shoot comes the real work - countless hours at the computer editing, blogging, and delivering your gallery. Sometimes I submit my work for publication and I have been published over 200 times in various magazines, blogs, and websites.

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behind the scenes


"I don't believe in art. i believe in artists"

In addition to being a pretty solid right-brained, creative-type, I'm also a huge nerd. While art school had an influence in my life like no other, I started college as a marine biology major, and I eventually earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science & Policy from USF. I even produced an environmental documentary a few years ago that won some awards and got me on a "40 under 40" list. Being a steward of the Earth has always been a priority to me, and it's something I strive for not only in my personal life, but when making choices of how I run my business, as well. Everything from using rechargeable batteries + digital paperwork, to using a print lab that offers both recycled options and Forest Stewardship Council certified papers. I want my clients to know that everything I do is intentional with both them and the environment in mind.


"look deep into nature, and then you will
 understand everything better"